About BookByPart

BookByPart is an online marketplace designed by authors for authors.

Who We Are

Put simply, we love books. We love to read them, and we love to write them. But most of all, we love giving authors and aspiring authors a platform to sell their eBooks or audiobooks without all the hassle of other online options.

What We Do

We believe that authors and aspiring authors shouldn’t have to pay ridiculous fees to sell their stories. That’s why at BookByPart, we charge our authors to simply upload their eBooks or audiobooks for a small fee as well as a yearly maintenance fee, but after that, all profits are 100% yours. And for readers, we offer an incredibly diverse marketplace where new stories can be explored.

Why Choose Us?

Choose BookByPart if you’re looking for an easier, better way to sell your work online. Keep the profits and get inspired to read or write more all on our easy-to-navigate platform.
~Be a part.