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As an auhtor of an ebook or audiobook, You've worked very hard to create something amazing. Now it's time to sell your work to the world. But in today's online environment, it's filled with online books on a wide range of subjects. The marketplace is a crowded one and it's also a competitive one.

One of the biggest problems many auhtors face when selling their own books online is the lack of control and lack of profits they make on each sale. It's common for most of the major online book sellers and marketplaces to take a large percentage of each sale.

But here at Bookbypart.com, we’re revolutionizing the way online books are sold. We’re changing the marketplace for authors to work more in their favor in both profitability as well as overall control.

Our #1 mission is to provide authors just like yourself an easy-to-use online marketplace and platform that makes selling your own online books (in the form of ebooks and audiobooks), not only super simple and fast, but also highly profitable for you.

Here at Bookbypart.com, You're in full control of what you want to release to the world for sale and you'll also keep all copyrights to your own works.

And the best part of all is this...

You'll not only get to keep 100% of all profits from every sale you make here on Bookbypart.com, but you'll get paid INSTANTLY as sales come in.

This way you don't have to wait for weeks to receive payments, you'll also get all profits made. We don't take any percentage of each sale like most online book sellers or marketplaces.

All you pay is one very low and highly affordable one-time upload fee of $9.99 per ebook or audiobook file, and then a yearly maintenance fee of $9.99. That’s it. No other extra charges or “sneaky” hidden fees.

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Another amazing feature when you market your own ebooks or audiobooks here at Bookbypart.com is our built in affiliate marketing tool.

This means that you can easily recruite other people or affiliates to promote your book online (or even offline) and if they refer a sale they'll get a percentage of each sale made.

This means they will do all the heavy lifting and marketing and you'll still make a percentage of profits on all your own online book sales.

Just imagine if you were to have a small army of a loyal affiliates promoting your own online books all over the internet helping you make sales?

This extra sales can add up to a nice amount of extra online income for you (and without any extra marketing on your part).

Not only will you make 100% of all of your own online book sales that you promote but you'll also get a hefty percentage of the sales generated by your own army of affiliates as well.

This makes it a total WIN-WIN for you!